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No current study group activity

 If you are interested in organizing a study group please contact our President.




We are trying something different for our next study group session.  I've often had people ask about groups, but there may not be enough of you in any one location to make it possible for SEPA to be able to offer a study group.  To try to accommodate accomodate more people and make the sessions more readily available to our members in a wide variety of locations, we are joining with an online study group for the next session.  This is a trial run for SEPA, but the online study group has been functioning for quite a while.  If you are on the APA ListServe, you've often seen people asking for contact information.  Basically, instead of going to a group, the group comes to you via "Go to Meeting."  There are classes offered Tues., Wed., Thurs., or Sunday with the first session on 1/21/14.  


Because the groups fill up quickly, if you are interested in participating please contact me or Rae Hofkin rae_hofkin@yahoo.com for information and registration forms.  Registration is on a first come, first served basis and must be received by January 9.




Study group begins 5/24/13 in Phila.


We have a lunch time study group at Spring Garden St. in Phila.  The group does include both FPC and CPP candidates.  Our host location is Day and Zimmermann.  If you are interested in participating in addition to being a current SEPA chapter member we do need to be sure the host site has your name for their building security.  Please contact me and I'll put you in touch with one of the host moderators.


The test window for fall 2013 is - Sep 14 - Oct 12, 2013 - registration will open 7/9/13.  Candidates testing Sept. 14, 2013 through Sept. 12, 2013 will be tested on federal tax laws and regulations in effect on January 1., 2013.


We have always heard very high praise for the study groups in assisting participants in reaching their certification goals.  If you've been considering testing for your FPC or CPP, a study group can help you, too.  There is no charge to participate, but you do need to be a registered SEPA chapter member and will need the current FPC or Payroll Source.  If you aren't already a SEPA member, use the "Become a member" link on the left to join.  Members can register for the study group through the "members only" section or at studygroups@sepaapa.org.  Moderators may also contact me through the studygroups link.  Moderators receive recertification credits for classes they lead as well as entries into a drawing for a seminar (for even more recertification credits).  WIN-WIN ALL THE WAY!!


May 1, 2012 - Study groups begin meeting on 6/21 at 5:30. 

The location is Commerce Drive, Ft. Washington.  Our host site will need a list of attendees in order for you to enter the building, so please let me know if you are interested in participating in the study group and confirm which test you plan to take.  I’ll send details (full address and any other site notes) along with the chapter summaries when we get the participant list finalized in a couple of weeks.

To participate in the SEPA study group, you:

  • you must be a registered, paid member of the SEPA chapter of the American Payroll Association.  Corporate memberships still belong to specific individuals, so please check the SEPA website if you are not sure of your status.
  • you  should have the 2012 edition of the Payroll Source or Payroll Practice Fundamentals book.  If you choose to use an older edition, you will need to be very careful with rates and rules which can be problematic when studying.  We will provide study summaries and additional information.

For CPP candidates, the classes will run weekly through about the end sessions August.  FPC candidates are welcome to attend all sesions however, the information reviewed in the CPP class will be more detailed than required for the FPC.  We will have a schedule of the class dates most applicable to the FPC and can look at scheduling separate classes or review sessions for FPC depending on the number of candidates and your preferences.


March 19,  2012 - Study Groups set to resume ! !

Thank you to PROXUS in Ft. Washington for offering to be our host site for both a CPP and FPC group for the Fall 2012 test window.

Proxus is very convenient to the Ft. Washington exits for both 309 and the turnpike.  We are looking forward to starting both FPC and CPP classes later this summer.  Our 'tentative' schedule is Thursday evenings beginning around 5:30pm.  More details will be available as we finalize our participants and moderators.  This is the time for you to contact me and let me know you are interested in participating or available as a moderator.


9/3/10 -New study groups forming

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great summer.  With back to school time, it’s also time for the chapter to finalize our plans for study groups for the Spring 2011 FPC/CPP testing.  Normally we like to start the groups in Oct. so that we have plenty of time for the sessions with the holidays and potential weather issues.  If you are definitely interested in moderating or participating, please contact me by Sept. 17th so that I can get locations confirmed and registered with the APA.  We currently have an offer to host with several participates interested in a center city location, so if you are able to moderate, be sure to let me know.


12/9/09 - End the year right, by signing up for a study group

Study groups are forming now to begin in January 2010.

The SEPA chapter is sponsoring 2 study groups for the Spring 2010 FPC and CPP test window.  Beginning in January, one group will be meeting Monday nights at 5:30 at the Chester County Hospital and another will meet Thursday nights at 5:30 in Ft. Washington.  Both groups will be using the Payroll Source 2009 as the primary material and additional hand outs are provided. 


Both the APA and our recent CPP and FPC “graduates” recommend a study group as one way to improve your preparation for testing.


8/26/09 - Time to schedule commitment. tests!!             

I know it's hard to believe, but the time has come for you to make your committment.  The test schedule is available for the Sept. 12 - Oct. 10. definite for both FPC and CPP candidates.  Remember, some dates fill very quickly, so if you have a definate date in mind, don't wait to register.  You can go to the APA site, Certification, Exam or go directly to the proctor site at www.pearsonvue.com.  


The APA site also has a link for a free Webinar on Demand on test prep.  There were a couple of interesting suggestions in the presentation, so it may be a good investment of your time (since it doesn't cost any of your money).  One thing it did confirm is that your tests will be on information in place as of 1/1/09, so that means that things like minimum wage ($6.55) and IRS mileage rate (.55) will be different than what you are using on your job.  Just be sure you keep those straight.  It also explained the weighting used (it isn't by question, it is by test).


There are Knowledge Assessment tests available for both the FPC and CPP certifications.  These only knowledge $20 each and can help you target your study as you move into the final weeks.  Since different knowlege areas will have different numbers of questions, these tests can help you can focus your final reviews on those areas that will have more questions.


PS - I don't know of many people who ever felt they were ready to take the test and yet the majority of them passed.  Don't talk yourself out of taking the exam just because you feel very nervous about it.  That's normal, it's a lot of information.  Don't take yourself out just because you don't know everything on every topic.  Who does?  Stick with your reviews and memorize the few rates commitment limits that you have to.  I would suggest that, as with any other goal, unless you make a firm committment to doing something you'll be exercise," likely to invest the necessary time and effort in preparing.  If you just say exercise," like to get more excercise," that doesn't mean anything is going to happen.  But if you say, "I'm going to run a 5K in Sept. and I've sent off the registration fee," you are much more likely to get out every day or every weekend to get ready to run that race.  You've been getting ready for this race every week since July.  See you at the finish line.


7/20/09 - Unbelievable, Amazing, Wow !

3 study groups have begun and the participants have started their amazing race to certification!  The group meeting at Day/Zimmerman was first out of the gate, holding their initial meeting at the end of June.  The Ft. Washington group started after July 4th.  The Arkema group was the final starter, but certainly last is not least in their case.  This group continues to add new participants (and SEPA chapter members)!  Currently we have 27 people in our study groups with 5 moderators. 


It’s not too late to join one of the groups if you are considering taking either the FPC or CPP exam in the next test window (Sept/Oct 2009).  Both Arkema and Ft. Washington have one FPC tester in their groups.  With the FPCs, we start with the same study notes as for the CPPs, but we identify which topics will be on the FPC test so that they can target their study and participation to the broader level of testing material rather than the detail in the CPP exam.  Either FPC or CPP, SEPA has you covered for test prep!


Remember you can register through the SEPA Chapter web site in the Members Only Section or you can contact me directly at studygroups@sepaapa.org.


4/2009  - Congratulations to our newest CPP Chapter Members –  Bruce Tumolo, CPP and Christine Boyle, CPP

If I’ve missed any chapter members who passed their FPC or CPP in the Spring 09 test window, please let me know.  We want to recognize each of you for the time and effort you put in to achieve this level in your career. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! to moderators – James Alturo and Mike Gallen for your commitment in supporting your fellow payroll professionals.  I appreciate your offer (James) and your willingness to submit to a little gentle arm twisting (Mike).  Thank you also to Bruce Tumolo for being our host contact at Day and Zimmermann.  We value the support of this employer in allowing us to use their facilities.


Now that the Spring sessions are over, it is already time to think about the Fall testing session.  We normally begin the next round of classes in late summer and I’ve started getting requests for study groups as well as a few offers to host or moderate.  The Fall session will use The Payroll Source 2009 and additional summaries and notes.  Because we will be in a new test cycle, any current CPP is eligible to receive training credits for classes they moderate. 


We have offers for 2 host locations in Philadelphia with several interested participants.  The locations offered are Day and Zimmermann (Spring Garden St.) and Arkema, Inc. (Market St.).  Anyone wanting to participate in a Philadelphia study group, please let me know your preference for location so we can finalize the details.  I also hope to have a group outside of Phila.  If you are interested in moderating or participating, please contact me ASAP.  We'd like to have details finalized before the end of JUNE.  My direct contact is studygroups@sepaapa.org.  You can also reach me through the study group link on the SEPA web site studygroups@sepa.org.  You must be a SEPA chapter member to participate in our study groups.



10/15/08 - Congratulations to our new CPPs!!

James Alturo, Helen Galey, Maureen Distel, Stacey Hart, Audrey Bradin.

I want to thank all of the moderators who dedicated their time to our Fall 2008 study groups – Jennifer Conner, Eleanor Hertrich, Kelly Strohecker, Meg Falcone, Christa Speck, Cindy Miller, Debby Hecker, Linda Overholt, John Meighan, Patience DePasque, and Penelope Skapetsos.  Thank you for your commitment to supporting your fellow payroll professionals.   All of our moderators will receive recertification credits for their efforts but special congratulations are also in order to the moderators who won a free year-end seminar - John Meighan and Meg Falcone. 


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P.O. Box 80187 Valley Forge, PA 19484 


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