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In today's economy, continuing education dollars are often under tighter scrutiny and harder to come by.  Making the most of training opportunities needs to be a high priority for today’s payroll professionals. 

Accelerated changes are making current knowledge obsolete at a faster pace than ever before. In short, the only constant these days is change itself.

To grow in our jobs we need to seek knowledge long after our formal schooling is complete.  The more we develop our skill set, the more valuable we become to our employers.  Becoming the very best at what we do requires continued effort and education.

Continuous learning means we're keeping the brain freshly stocked, thus enabling us to come up with better ideas, streamlined procedures, and develop better problem solving skills.  New ideas and solutions are a primary way we can add value to our job and increase our success.

Where should we focus our continued education?  

Joining SEPA is a great place to start.  Meeting with other payroll professionals on a regular basis not only lets you know you’re not alone, but it is also a valuable resource of individuals that care about what they do.  Our quarterly meetings provide an opportunity to keep abreast of an ever changing payroll industry.  Each meeting not only provides a delicious meal and interaction with your peers, but it also provides topical guest speakers and discussions.

These gatherings as well as reading everything you can get your hands on regarding the payroll industry will help transform your payroll “job” into a rewarding payroll career.  Continuous education is a key ingredient in your success.  

I hope you will be a frequent visitor to our web page as well as our quarterly dinner meetings. 

Chapter President - Kirk Simmet, CPP   

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P.O. Box 80187

Valley Forge, PA 19484

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